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Batman v Superman could be divided into two parts and first comes this year

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Batman v Superman

Both the 2015 and the 2016 are incredibly important for Marvel .Among Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange, keep us very busy at the start of its Phase 3 , besides the TV series that will relate to and enjoy such popularity.

I say this because it is impossible not to notice that classical competition “Marvel vs DC” has a clear leader in cinema and Warner Bros know, so getting to act faster it would not be strange, indeed, its strange that they have not done so before.

And although this rumor must be taken with tweezers and carefully, as there is the slightest official confirmation that will be realized, some sources indicate that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , the highly anticipated film based on the heroes DC where Batman, Superman, Robin and Wonder Woman (and perhaps more) are met, will be divided into two parts, one for 2015 and one for 2016 .

If this is actually the first thing I can think is that Warner did not want to “complacency” and be so behind Marvel Studios, who will be the stars of the year story to superhero movies. And is that Batman v Superman hitherto has scheduled premiere March 2016, much then.

If these rumors are true, the titles and release dates of these films are:

  • Batman Superman v Part I: Enter the Knight – October 23, 2015
  • Batman Superman v Part II: Dawn of Justice – March 25, 2016

Again, it’s a rumor that we should take with tweezers, but not surprises me that it was reality and confirm it shortly. DC needs to ring louder in the film world; It has been a while since its last movie and Batman v Superman has everything you need (at least in theory) to call the attention of fans of the films of superheroes, especially when they have planned no less than 12 films related in the same universe .

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