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Channing Tatum says he is no super dad

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Channing tatum

Channing Tatum can be a great stripper in Magic Mike XXL , but when he gets home , he becomes a big daddy. The actor makes the cover of the August issue of Vanity Fair,the actor says that the body healed that displays in the movie, it’s not near the strength of a woman, with the arrival of a child:

It was crazy. You feel helpless. We like to think of ourselves as big, strong men, and could handle any situation. And the reality is [that women]are much stronger than we could ever be. There is a reason why we did not get that job. My wife, she’s a warrior. She did it as natural as you can imagine. As a man, you are basically a cheerleader. “Come on, baby, you can do it”. I would have fallen off the first time, she told the actor about the arrival of their first child, Everly in 2013.

Although not considers himself to be a super father, Channing Tatum showed that is a doting father and both talk about their offspring, and of course, to give all the credit to his wife, Jenna Dewan:

I love being a father. They are like little mirrors running around. They show things about ourselves that we do not pay attention before. Jenna says it all the time: ‘Oh, my God, this is so you’ But I do not know if I’m good at it. Jenna is a super mother. There is no other way to say it. She’s there every second, every present day.

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