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Drew Barrymore Developer Publish AutoBiography

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Drew Barrymore

Speaking of famous children and explosive runs, Drew Barrymore all prizes won. His screen debut was in 1978 in the television series “Thave Waltons “and from there, did not stop.

Start a race at 4 years is not always so positive, in fact, that was part of what caused some of the problems experienced Drew later.

There is no doubt that the story of Drew is tasty, and that is what prompted her to want to share it officially . The tabloids and entertainment programs always comment on the lives of celebrities, but she chose to give his version of events .

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

The actress, 40, said it will publish a series of autobiographical essays in a book about his life, will talk about his drug addiction, his 30 years in the entertainment industry and their relationships.

According to the site Stylist.co.uk , Drew’s story is very interesting, and besides having serious aspects, is very funny and humorous book that will delight readers and fans of the actress.

Although not Drew’s career has been marked by major blockbusters, is one of Hollywood’s most recognized by his stay in the film industry.

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