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Esquire Named Emilia Clarke The Sexiest Woman Alive

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Sexiest Woman Alive 2015

Forget the angelic look or her good girl face: Emilia Clarke is one of the hottest actresses of the moment and she proved it once more in the photo shoot for the magazine Esquire.

The British actress has gained wide popularity for her role thanks to the TV series Game Of Thrones and now men’s magazine named her “the sexiest woman of 2015”.

Before we talk about her looks and all that, we must also recognize that she is also very talented . Who can best tame dragons as Daenerys Targaryen? The legendary air of this character and her look of long, platinum hair, conquered the hearts of many fans of the series.

Emilia Clarke

British actress posed for Esquire under the lens of photographer Vincent Peters. The images show her relaxed, with sets of sexy lingerie and embodying a muse of the golden age of Hollywood.

The magazine published yesterday some images in its official Twitter account and the reactions of others were immediate. Many agreed and held the election of Esquire and others criticized and said that the photographs are too retouched.

Esquire chose Emilia Clarke for several reasons:

She manages to collect one set of opposites to make them natural: sweetness and strength, sentimentality with some kind of coolness decisive. Something in these contrasts explains her good looks, too.You can be queen and little sister, dominating and companion.

Yes, it’s very cute. But we insist that her talent and determination make it even more attractive.

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