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Jennifer Lopez had to calm Ryan Guzman in an erotic scene

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Jennifer Lopez

She was not even aware of it, Jennifer Lopez proved how intimidating it can be to have a spectacular physique to shoot a scene of passion in her latest film, The Boy Next Door , along with her ​​co-star Ryan Guzman who had to give a reassuring talk to accomplish that was able to undress in front of her.

“I had to finish approaching Jennifer and said: ‘I am very nervous, this is the first time I undress in front of so many people and basically do not know you’. She took me to a corner and said, ‘This is part of the entertainment industry and we are limiting to tell a story. We have to tell it as best we can ‘. (Our scene) had to have the passion and strong enough for the audience could feel. We wanted it to be something legendary, and that’s what we did, ” said the young Ryan.

The Boy Next Door scene Her caring attitude and countless hours spent together on set filming have finally convince Ryan that the title of diva from the Bronx that has been awarded to Jennifer since the beginning of her career is far from reality.

“She is an amazing woman. I had a great joking with her and getting to know her as a person. I realized that stigma, which is a diva, is not true. Jennifer’s just, I do not J.Lo or anything else, now I can respect that. You feel a whole new respect for her “,he added.

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