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Katy Perry Is The Most Powerful Pop Star

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Ketty Perry

Katy Perry is undoubtedly one of the leading pop stars of the time.We love her elegance, madness and, of course her talent. And apparently this has brought great results , since according to the latest issue of the magazine Forbes , the singer of “I Kissed a Girl” is the celebrity best paid , accumulating about 135 million dollars.

Ketty Perry Forbes Cover

The singer was happy with the news and we can see her joy on her Instagram account, where next to the image of the cover, wrote the following:

Before accepting the offer to be on the cover of Forbes magazine, they told me that many women had previously rejected the option. I wonder if it was because they thought that society would look like they were boasting or bragging or was not a poor decision. Ladies, there’s a difference between being humble and work hard to see the fruits of your labor flourish and realize your dream. I hope this front will inspire women to see that it is okay to feel proud of the success we have achieved and it is okay to be leaders.

Within the top 10 of the magazine, there is also One Direction with 130 million, Robert Downey Jr with 80 million tied with Taylor Swift with the same amount. While Beyoncé was outside the top 10 this year, being in the 29th position, earning about 54.5 million dollars.

Certainly another big step for Katy Perry. Perhaps she isn’t the Dark Horse anymore.

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