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Santiago Will Host The First Fair On Sexual Well-being Of Latin America

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The “sexuality expo 2015” will be a meeting dedicated to sexual wellbeing and life partner, and those attending can participate in discussions and activities.


It is the first time you do an activity of this kind in Latin America , and Chile is the country that will welcome you in May to the ” Expo Sexuality 2015 “, space will be devoted to explore various issues related to sex and married life .

The meeting will bring together various experts and speakers who will talk about different areas of sexual well being and also speak of the role of sex in all stages of life.

Some of the talks to be made ​​and that participants in the Expo can listen for free, are, for example, to give Dr. Odette Freundlich on “The power of your intimate areas “or” How to get ahead of the crisis Couples “by Mauricio Salas Sironvalle.

Sexuality Expo 2015 will be held on 29, 30 and 31 May at the W Hotel, and will find several stands zoned or colors such as Blue Zone of Education and Sexual Health, Purple Zone : Passion and Climax and Zona Rosa Romance and Seduction.

Not only will talk about sexuality at this meeting, but also offer other related products to sexual pleasure and life partner, as adult toys , lingerie and costumes, flower shops and gastronomy.

Some of the exhibitors participating in the Expo 2015 are sexologist Sexuality Rodrigo Jarpa and   Jane Morgan (Japi Jane), and also involving various personalities from different fields.

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