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Suicide squad (Trailer)

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Empire’s release of some covers featuring Suicide Squad cast being highly commented on the web. In a remarkable way the Joker portrayed by Jared Leto has divided comments between their supporters and detractors. But probably the two girls have the best welcome, Margot Robbie is spectacular as Harley Quinn, she gives the character the crazy sexy look, hinting at all the ways we are going to love and hate her character; and Cara Delevingne characterization as Enchantress resulting in that disturbing look is probably the best. There is no doubt that David Ayer and his crew are doing a good job and they are making our desires increase to watch the film, but this will not be possible until upcoming 2016.

For those might not know about this, Suicide Squad is the new film of DC Comics world brought by David Ayer. A secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

Actors interviews reveal an intense filming and their disturbing comments are very close to their characters. Now lets have a look to the Empire covers of Suicide Squad and judge by yoursevles.

Find the Suicide Suad Official Trailer at the bottom of the post


Will Smith as Deadshot


Margot Robbie crazy sexy look as Harley Quinn


Cara Delevingne disturbing as Enchantress


Jared-Leto-The-Joker Jared Leto and is mad look as The joker

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