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The Best Quotes Of Emma Watson At The Session Of Questions And Answers #heforshe

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emma watson heforshe

“it is not enough just ask men to support us. We need to support each other.”

emma watson heforshe

As part of International Women’s Day , Emma Watson answered a series of questions on gender equality as part of the campaign #HeForShe . Ambassador of Good Will of  UN Women  stressed the importance of working together, men and women, to address inequality that exists in different sectors.

Watson, 24, said several outstanding issues regarding gender inequality worldwide. He talked about violence, wage inequality, unequal positions of representation, the way in which society perpetuates gender stereotypes – not only women, men also.

Recognize this imbalance in society, in our community, makes us aware of the issue and forces us to act. For men, you are invited to create a more equitable environment for women, so that together we manage to walk hand in hand towards true equality of gender.

In September 2014, the  UN Women presented the #HeForShe campaign , with Watson as ambassador to discuss gender equality, not only from the perspective of women, but inviting men to join the conversation, be those agents of change. The message was reinforced in January with  a speech in Davos .

Here we share with you some outstanding sentences of this conversation.

The impact of gender inequality and how it affects men is an issue that has not been addressed.

Gender equity has historically been a problem for women. I want to show everyone that may be part of the solution.

Any action #HeForShe, small or large, can have an impact on achieving gender equality.

It is not enough just ask men to support us. We need to support each other.

Some men think that is a word of women. But if you believe in fairness, you’re a feminist. […] If you support equality, you’re a feminist … I’m sorry to say.

Start early age, girls and children who tell them what they need to be, and can be incredibly harmful.

The saddest thing in the world is that men are not free to express […] Mourn not make you a woman, makes you human. Being passive does not make you a woman, makes you human.

About feminism: I think people associate it with hatred, the hatred towards men. And that is very negative. And do not think that feminism is about. I think it’s actually incredibly positive.

On education: How and why did not recognize the potential of this girl? […] Women have much to offer. Much potential is wasted because they are not encouraged the girls in the same way that boys.

Do not let anyone tell you what you can or can not do, or what you can or can not achieve.

We need yin and yang. Need is balance. We need female representation, we need female leadership. Women have a lot to offer.

Women feel we need permission to be ourselves, using our voice and aspire to be leaders.

For some reason, women are still in a place where we feel we need to have permission from anyone. This has to change.

#HeForShe Is about men come to support women, femininity and feminine qualities, as currently is the least valued in society.

Chivalry must be consensual. Both parties must be comfortable with this.

Femininity needs to be accepted wherever you are, be it a man or a woman.

#HeForShe Is not about saving women men … It is not a club for men, is a club of equity for both genders.

You are a person, a human being, you can change the world […] If you have a beating heart and worry about things, that’s great.

Until now only 241.382 men were committed to the campaign , being still very far with the goal of one billion men to July 2015. What we hope to act?

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