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The “phase” of Cara Delevingne bisexual controversy lights up

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Model Cara Delevingne has given an interview to the magazine editor of Vogue USA named Rob Haskel where she said she was very young when she realized that she was attracted by both sexes . Something that disturbed significantly until, at age 20, when she fell in love with a girl of her age.

However, the model also confessed that sometimes had erotic dreams about men, what the editor said, homegrown, which Cara’s parents believed that the attraction of the female face was just a phase and that probably were right.


Do we want more! Many lesbians led by Julie Rodriguez Care2 blog , a blog specializing in petitions and complaints in pursuit of human rights and animal immediately felt indignant, and have filed a request to Anna Wintour demanding that the magazine excuse for talking Face of bisexuality of Delevingne as a “phase” . The request to which they have entitled “Tell Vogue Magazine: Being LGBT is not a phase and has already got 17,584 signatures.

Cara Delevingne preferred not to discuss the matter, nor involved in the controversy.  In the meanwhile The Vogue celebrates its cover and Cara Delevingne interview with a very groovy video .

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