Do You Know Someone Out Of Control?

There’s physical evidence of it. You observe a person walking towards you and you see they have lost control of the life force within them; they no longer look after themselves; they appear confused and rushed most of the time; they’re not happy. Chances are they are also not happy with the way they look. But, one thing is for sure, they have lost control of the ability to reign themselves in.

Another sad thing about this picture is the kids with parents like this; it isn’t fair for kids to have parents who’re disempowered and de-motivated. It’s even worse when the child’s parent is in denial – and this appears to be the chief problem, especially in our society where there are traps everywhere for the person ‘out of control.’

I praise God that in him I have more control (empowerment) every day. This is a statement of personal fact and of personal experience. This is what it feels like to be growing. It is a growing joy knowing less fear each day. This is not to say it is a life of utter fulfilment and endless joy. There are troughs. These troughs however should be there so I can honestly experience the depths and then claw my way out of them. This is emotional resilience.

The typical person who’s out of control does the following: they eat lots of fast food; they’ll spend most of their money on takeaway; they waste money; they think spontaneously and often not about consequences; their mouths are undisciplined; they take on job after job when they have no time for it, showing their poor judgment; they’re ignorant to their state; and principally, they’re into denial.

They’re not a good person to know because they are entrenched in this pattern and are oblivious to its effects. They won’t be any good for you, their kids, or themselves. Their denial is very dangerous to their health. They do not realise it but they’re living in earthly hell. It is chaos way out of control. It is an unhealthy chaos.

My prayer is: Lord, help me deny nothing. For you, if you feel out of control, my prayer is you’ll seek whatever help you need. Don’t be afraid. Your life is at stake here. Take the plunge and get the help you need.

© 2008, Steven John Wickham. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.