With Fall’s Arrival It’s Time to Make Changes

Fall has officially arrived and for many people they are beginning to notice seasonal changes. It is natural to feel a sense of reflection with any new season and now is the time to leverage these feelings to make changes in your life or career. But it will take more than reflective thoughts to create lasting change, you will also need to formulate definitive plans so that you are taking proactive action rather than simply reacting to your environment. If you want to produce changes this fall, personally or professionally, now is the time to begin with a focused mindset towards new results.

Moving and Change

This week I moved and it was during a time when fall temperatures are starting to arrive. For me, the new surroundings created a fresh start during a season of change. This moved entailed changing established routines, behaviors, and habits. Initially it was somewhat disorienting because we rely upon those daily subconscious patterns so that we don’t have to purposely think about everything we are doing or need to accomplish. But it was more than a change in physical surroundings that prompted reflection. I experienced a mindset of renewal as if I was beginning a new journey. Somehow I now view the world slightly different and as a result I have experienced fresh inspiration.

Becoming Intentional

The question then becomes how does a person create that type of intentional change in their mindset without actually altering their physical location? It would require shaking up your routine in some way perhaps by starting a new project, taking a class even if it is not for a specific degree program, or purposely changing your habits in some manner. Most people safely guard their ingrained habits and daily routines, preventing action to alter those permanently in any way. This is why most information read in magazines or heard in motivational seminars is rarely retained for more than a few days. There must be intentional action taken from the information received, connecting with it in a manner that produces change.

Action is Required

To begin changes this fall you need action plan. You have to start with an intention that you are going to do something different and then map out a course of action over a period of time so that you are continuously working on changing existing habits and routines. For example, if you work from a home office you could rearrange your furniture, clean off your desk, and establish a new method for being productive in this office. The purpose is to approach your life or your career from a different perspective in some manner so that you can be intentional with your plan for change.

Finding a Spark

As you read through this article it may spark an idea or something that you are now curious about and that is how you begin to make change. Take that idea and be inspired to do something new or different. Take out a piece of paper or open a Word document and begin to make notes. Consider what this new result would look like or feel like, and then evaluate what strengths you could rely upon to begin the process. The next step you want to take is to plan out a specific amount of time that will allow you to create new habits and routines over time as you make progress towards your goals.

Challenge and Success

The primary challenge for making lasting change is often the mindset we hold as we start the process. If you believe that you do not have enough strengths, there are too many weaknesses, or that the process is becoming cumbersome it may be easy to abandon those plans. But if you learn to endure and discover what you are capable of doing when you put your mind to it you will likely look forward to what will be accomplished this fall.