Stress Relief Games – How To Improve Your Life While Having Fun

Stress relief games are a great way to unwind and relax after a long days work. Stress comes upon us every day, whether we like it or not. While not all stress is bad and actually necessary, too much stress can have serious effects on our body and emotional states.

So how can you deal with stress in your life at the end of the day?

When you come home instead of watching television, try going outside in the fresh air and play some sports with your friends, or how about a game of kickball or badminton?

Doesn’t that sound fun and something you can look forward to everyday? I know it was for me. After hours of lectures and studying in school, I would play basketball with my family and feel great!

It is a proven fact that when we exercise our body produces endorphins, which is believed to reduce stress, enhance the immune system, and make us feel happier. By engaging in an activity you consider fun, say for example tennis or basketball, you become more social with the ones you are with, while improving your health. Do this two to three times a week you will dramatically notice a difference in your stress level.

Some of my favorite stress relief games I played when I was younger was baseball, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Now these may not be for you, in which case that’s fine. There are tons of other games and sports you can consider such as horseshoes, badminton, paintball, golf, bowling, and football. Pretty much any activity that gets you up and moving, and is with a group of people will help reduce the stress in your life.

Now you may be asking I’ve grown older or have no interest in outdoor stress relief games. What other ways can I cope with my stress without going outside?

Great question! I will tell you another alternative to playing games outdoors, is to play board games with your family or friends.

Board games are a great way to connect and have fun with the people you are with. Board games are a great way to relax, laugh and spend quality time with one another. When you laugh endorphins are released, tense muscles in our face relax, and you will stress melt away from your body.

Not only is it fun and relaxing to play board games, but you are creating a social network of people you can rely and count on in the future. These are the type of people you can call when you need a favor, want someone talk to, or just hang out and have a good time with. So if you feel sports are not your cup of tea, try making a game night one or two times a week.

Too much stress in your lives is never fun to deal with, but you do not have to let it control your lives! If you are the active type of person who loves the outdoors, get a group people together and enjoy some stress relief games such as an evening of catch or football.

If you are more the type that likes to stay in doors, go grab your old monopoly or checkers board, and have a game night with your friends and family.

Remember too much work and no play make will cause you to feel miserable and stressful. So do some fun stress relief games, be it with your friends or family and enjoy life to its fullest!