How Fear Affects Our Lives

Have you ever wondered why you seem to sabotage yourself in so many unseen ways? How you suddenly and for no rational explanation do something so against what you view as your nature?

The path of fear can carry many perils and can hide unseen for years. Where it may surface or how it may react is anyone’s guess. You may not even realize you have been carrying fear until it rears its head and shows its destructive power. Like a time bomb fear hides itself until the ultimate time in order to sabotage and destroy careers, relationships, and lives.

Fear is the unseen force which causes the body to react in ways the mind abhors. Though the mind controls the body, it is when the body does not respond to the mind that fear is imminent. No amount of positive thinking can offset this fear. Intentions and desires, in and of themselves, are powerless to release this energy called fear by the individual who possesses them. In other words, you can not work on yourself to track your fears, as your fears are part of you and walk unrecognized by you even though you may look them straight in the face.

Fear is an entity and carries its own power. Though you may walk with assurance and power, we all carry fear. Many times as an ally. As this ally is part of you and you are part of it, it can not be recognized, only seen as a shadow of the mind. Fear can take many forms. Fear of losing something, money and finances, death, spiders. All these are fears we can carry. They paralyze your life.

In order to clear fear you must walk the path and embrace it, but only as it is shown to you by another and brought out into the open so you may catch it and hold it. As you hold and release it, it loses power over you and you may begin another trek in your life to remove the fears you hold.