Lessons From a Puppy on Self-Improvement

Yesterday, a friend and I were walking on the nature path close to where we live. As we were standing looking at the beautiful sunlight dance on the water, two women ran by us with their dog. The dog was pure white, with a big blue bow, and running free.

He was the sweetest, most joyful dog, I have ever encountered. His owners were lost in each other, talking a mile a minute, and not even aware of the pup as he ran off by himself in several directions to explore the terrain. I watched him closely as he very excitedly stopped to smell the grass, gaze up at the sky, test the water with his paw, examine the tree trunks, inspect the dandelions, sniff the crocuses, chase the butterflies and literally shake with glee.

His enthusiasm was contagious and I found myself looking at all of these very simple things in a new way. Then, he would suddenly realize that the ladies were way ahead of him, and run and run, just to catch up.

A few minutes would pass, and then totally bored with their rantings, he was off by himself again, to explore the path once more, almost dancing as he moved along in total synchronicity with the world around him.

Just watching this little fellow brought joy to my heart. Animals have so much to teach us about being in the moment, improving the quality of our lives and finding joy in simple things. Often, we are so wrapped up in our own little world, and all the things we think are so important, that we are completely oblivious to the beauty and blessings that are everywhere, if only we have the eyes to see.

Thank you little puppy, for showing me how lucky I am to be alive, and to be surrounded with so many gifts.