Tired of Being Owned by an Alarm Clock

I am owned by my alarm clock. I rely on its power to wake me up in the morning or maybe even in the afternoon after a snooze. It has become my life line to be a functioning member of society.

I can lay my head down at nights with the comfort of knowing how deeply I am asleep that buzzing menace will wake me up. That is unless I forgot to set it or heaven forbid, the power goes off and that automatic robot loses its memory. I know it has a battery back-up but what happens if that battery dies?

I hate to admit it but I need that daily morning nightmare to wake me up and get ready to go to work. I am owned by that clock. My whole financial worth is built upon that machine buzzing away in the morning. I have owned one that sounded like a siren, another that had an obnoxious beep-beep-beep sound and still another with the loud sounds of a rooster. They all shared one common trait. They were loud and never friendly.

Yet it still had the power to set my whole days productivity. If it does not go off or I forget to set it, then my whole day is ruined. I wake up and look at the time and see how late I am. I fly out of bed and race to get in my clothes and out the door. I get to work and I am still asleep. In fact, I never really wake up. The whole day I seem to be lost, behind on everything I try to do.

Yes, I am owned by a little machine that tells me the time. I hate when it goes off in the morning, but I need it to do just that for me to continue to function in society. It has become the ultimate love-hate relationship. Now though I am trying to regain my life from that beast. It will go off and now I do not hop out of bed. I will hit that ten minute snooze button and laugh at how it thinks it has power over me. Some days, I’ll hit that snooze button 3-4 times before my feet hit the ground.

Someday the power that alarm clock has over me will disappear. Will it be when I retire or will it be sooner that I declare my independence and say I will not be owned by it anymore. I will take back control of my own internal clock to wake me. It already is happening. While I need that a clock to wake up during the week, I have never needed it to wake me on the weekends. Yes, I wake up on Saturdays and Sundays waiting for that clock to blast away but it never does. If I can do it on the weekends then I know I can do it on the weekdays.

Someday, I will not be owned by that alarm clock and I will regain a piece of that boring life that I want so much…