Learn From the Secrets of the Ancient World For Modern Success

These are times of plenty in this modern world, so why should people take more care in developing themselves to create more wealth? The surface you see might be deceiving your eyes.

  • Look around and you will see signs of wealth everywhere.
  • Look closer and you will find people in poverty in every corner of the globe, in every country, in every city, in every village and heaven forbid, in our homes too?
  • Take a close look at that young adult that can’t seem to find a way to make a living.

You see, if someone is not taught the skills to create real wealth and be truly self sufficient, do not tag that person as a bum. If you do, and you despise and degrade the poverty stricken, you in society are no more moral than a tyrant. You will be banishing those people into permanent poverty and suffering. That is why many old cultures advocate the use of giving and giving a hand to help those in their difficulties. That is what create and keep a society strong and continue to flourish.

It is imperative we all pay attention to what has transpired in our societies. Just like the canary in the miners’ cave, they indicate the state of our country’s economy and general wealth building potential. This fact is for the generational wealth we must maintain or better yet, grow. To build the wealth for our future generations is a great part of our wealth for our future.

Now, in all conscience, take a good, honest look around you and tell that down-trodden person near you that is not true of society. You might feel helpless, but perhaps if you understand that humankind has survived thousands of years and disaster after disaster to come back and rebuild wealth upon wealth, you will want to know what has taken place. For many, and certainly my ancestors, they practiced what they had been handed down through the ages. They very unerringly and determinedly used the advice of their ancestors.

Those lineages sometimes go back to the ancient world. These are shall we call them secrets to their success passed on to the present generations. It is time that we all take a good look at ourselves before we lose sight of our ability to rebuild our wealth should some calamity strike us down. For many of us, it has already happened.

The ancient world hold untold numbers and variations of wealth creation the world over. In my travels to the greatest reaches of our ancient past, I’ve encountered ancient structures and extensive constructions that would make a modern city architect proud. Although I find it incomprehensible that these great testaments to our ancient wealth is not more readily made known. What you find on the internet is but a small cross section of the real truth of the human history.

But there is more. A lot more. So how was it that these supposedly ancient peoples have built such great civilizations? And often, the currently visible ancient structures are built right on top of even more ancient ones. What’s more, the people around these cities or structures actually live very well for hundreds of years until some sort calamity befell them.

We can only come to one reasonable conclusion. It is that they had learnt to create wealth with the same system over and over again. Something of the past must have survived for the succeeding generations to emulate time and time again.

The facts of ancient wealth building wisdom is often dismissed in our fast paced modern world. In fast paced I mean the instant gratification that much of the world population has come to expect especially with the commercialization of goods and services. You as the reader would know what I mean. You’ll see a television or internet advertisement of fun, glamour and respect for an expensive automobile. You probably don’t need it but the emotional triggers make you trade in your little compact for a luxury four wheel drive. You get the picture.

Let me continue with some contrasts and you decide where your wealth truly lies.

Often, the facts are at odds with the expectations of many people who pride themselves to be highly knowledgeable in the areas of personal growth or even recent history. Much of that can be blamed on the media and their portrayal of history. Yet many people cannot or will not separate themselves from fiction. For example, many people enjoyed a movie like the Indiana Jones series. I certainly do too. But those scenes of people whose lives are firmly attached to the horrors and terrors of the ancient past, living in slavery and abject poverty is most certainly very far removed from much of the truth.

Actually, do people watching the movies really understand that it is about obtaining secrets and wisdom of the past to help some power hungry regime in the modern civilizations was the actual theme of the movie series? No, not really. People simply assume the past was a dirty, dusty and poverty stricken time to live in.

The truth is wealth is built and rebuilt again after each loss or built upon to gain even more wealth. It is often the culture, the wisdom within the culture and the continuing knowledge that is built over time that I like to term the heuristical wisdom. Of course, the histories of the cultures of our planet has had their shares of ups and downs, with the wars and disasters taking center stage like what happened to the Mayans. Across the oceans, the great civilizations of India and China have certainly suffered. But in turn, they’ve rebuilt and significantly improved their standard of life.

In fact, these very ancient cultural lineages have at their disposal the heuristical wisdom of the preceding generations of rebuilding. Chinese history tells of each succeeding ruling Dynastic achievements and fall for several thousands of years, and so has India. But, the important lesson in all of this is their ability to rebuild, very much in the same manner no matter what disaster befalls them. So what makes them stand out to succeed time and time again? Well, there have been many treatises about why they succeed. But what is common among them are:

  • their focus on what is important to them like their families, culture, education, health, communities, cities, regions, etc.
  • identifying what resources they need to succeed and building towards it for the long term,
  • making best use of their available resources by pooling together their strengths.

Now, I’ll reiterate that in our fast paced world, that kind of ideology is certainly at odds with the modern culture of instant gratification. The rest of the world has much to learn from our ancestors’ wisdom. So, I do think it is time that we all consider putting our priorities in their proper perspectives and do what we need for our societies and thus build our true wealth.