That, to Me, IS Love!

Yes, even God needs to cut his toe-nails! Or, I think He does. He made us in His image.

In the chapel at the La Casa de Maria Retreat Center in Santa Barbara, California, there is a Zen saying on the wall: “After ecstasy-the laundry.” I laughed when I saw it. But it also made me think.

That Zen quote wasn’t too far-fetched, after all. It goes to teach us that love is the zenith and the nadir of life. Within it we can find everything and ecstasy only comes once we learn the pangs of sorrow, for: “The Whole Is In Each Part” – Tao Te Ching.

Whatever is planted deeply is not easily uprooted. Whatever is embraced sincerely does not crave escape. Ever since we lost our intuition as our main guide in life, these virtues have had to be consciously cultivated to survive. Cultivate them in yourself and they will be genuine.

Cultivate them in your family and they will surely flourish. Cultivate them in your community and they will be long lasting. Cultivate them in your country and they will be widely propagated. Cultivate them in the world and they will certainly become universal. In this way you will know others by what you do yourself.

You will know families by what you contribute as a family. You will know the world by what you do as a planetary citizen. How do we know all this? Because we know that each part is the whole, and the whole is each part.

That, to me, is love!